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Discount on factory prices from 30% to 45%.... Buy from us for THE BEST prices.

In expectation that you are ready for the challenges of the 21st century, to give your guests first-class service at world standards and that you have a vision of development which will bring your esteemed object to a top level we take an opportunity to introduce you to our programme Look forward

Keeping in mind the expenses, as well as the speed and quality of service of its business partners “Monera” would especially point out the following products:

  • Kitchen lines from "Angelo Po" company from Italy strelica
  • "Angelo Po" top quality neutral equipment strelica
  • Dishwashing machines "Angelo Po", with extreme performances strelica

For the quality and design of its products “Monera” is multiple winner of golden medals at the International Fair of Hotel-keeping and Catering “LORIST”.strelica

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We ask you to contact us without hesitation at any time, for all your needs regarding catering equipment, for additional information on the ways of payment, new selling programmes
What is certain is that, in “Monera” you will find the products which will make you satisfied with the best possible balance between cost and quality.

Be successful working with successful, making quality business and friendly relationships.


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